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Friday, April 27, 2012

Five steps to make the egg white skin

As the temperature is getting hotter, girls prefer light makeup. The light makeup not only can moderate your face, but also can let your skin breath freely and not easy to blur. But how to obtain the light makeup which can make your skin looks like the egg without its shell?

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Step 1: Invisible the skin pores.

If you want to have the skin just like white china, the pores are unacceptable. What’s more, visible pores will affect the whole makeup. Your skin will be unhealthy and you will look older.

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Step 2: Improving the color of your skin.

Improving the color your skin doesn’t means whiter is better. What we need to do is to make our skin looks healthy and improve the dim complexion of skin.

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Step 3: Control shine of your face.

Oil and shine of the skin is the common and big questions of skin. Skin needs to be cleaned and given enough water.

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Step 4: Perfect the complexion with concealer

The key point to obtain the egg white skin is to cover the complexions on the face.

Step 5: Keep the skin moistened for a long time.

No matter which season we are in, the moisture of skin can’t be ignored. Dried skin not only makes your skin looks lifeless, but also brings you amount of skin problems.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Paris, the city of romance

Paris is a city of romance. In Paris, you can different ways of showing romance or expressing love everywhere.

Paris is the ideal place for the wedding trip. Or you can hold your wedding in Paris. For example, there is an iron bridge nearby the Notre Dame Cathedral. There are countless locks on the bridge. All the locks are the symbols of good wishes, such as love, family, and careers. This bridge is a very nice place for you to take your wedding photos.

When people talk about Paris, a lot of famous spots come to my mind. Paris is famous for Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the triumphal arch and so on. It will be a big mistake if you come to Paris without visiting these places.  

Nearly most of the couples have the same dream or wish to visit the city of romance, Paris. Paris attracts couples all over the world the whole year. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate Kiwifruit as the wedding dessert

Are you a big fan of sweets and dessert? Actually I am.

Today, I find a really good and easy way to make a delicious dessert. I call it the chocolate kiwi fruit. You can consider it as one of your wedding desserts.

The materials we need are:

1.      a few kiwifruits
2.      several wood sticks for ice-cream
3.      a piece of dark chocolate

1.      cleaning up the fruits
2.      cutting the kiwi into several thick slices
3.      melting the chocolate and putting it into a bowl
4.      fixing each wood stick into the kiwi slice
5.      covering the kiwi slices with chocolate before the chocolate cools down

Does it look delicious? You can make one by yourself!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dress Your Dream

Why girls are so care about their wedding dresses? This is because, that bridal gown is not only just one piece of dress, it is also a sweet dream of the bride.
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The first bridal gown didn't appear until the 1800's. As times passed, the fashions of women were changed. So are the wedding dresses. Over centuries, wedding dresses have changed.

However, the bride always wants to own a different and special wedding dress. Today’s trend of bridal gowns goes to sexier styles.
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It is completely understandable that women want to show off themselves, especially on their own wedding. All the eyes will be focused on the bride when she is walking down the aisle.

If you have hot bodyline, why not show off yourself on your wedding day? Let other women be jealous of you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Live Band for Your Perfect Wedding

Wedding is one of the most special experiences in people’s life. Besides wedding dress and wedding decorations, wedding music is another indispensible part for a perfect  wedding.

Good and proper songs or music will definitely enhance the joyful atmosphere of a wedding. In recent years, the live band becomes widely welcomed on more and more wedding occasions. Inviting a poplar band to your wedding can be a good way to cheer up your guests and warm up the party.

The live band with professional playing instruments and good skills can play high quality music for you and your guests. What’s more the elegant, well qualified music can show your good taste of music to your families and friends.

Compared with the CD or DJ, a live band which plays wedding songs will be much easier to influence guests and bring them into the wedding atmosphere.
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Be a Mermaid Bride under the Sea

Are you still a big fan of fairy tales? Do you still believe in the power of love and the existence of miracle? If you are a girl who loves travelling sea-island, have you ever dreamed of taking your wedding shootings under the sea?
photo by Seven Trees
In the crowd and noisy city, the indifference of people drives us to run away from all the things in the modern city. Under the big pressure of working and living, we are more desiring for the fancy of fairy tales and the purity of love. Freely swimming in the sea can dispel the unhappy thoughts and pressure from you.
photo by Permalink
The under-water weeding photos are so special. It is the new fashion trend of wedding shooting. Its way of shooting is unique. The style of under-sea shooting is so fascinating that make you fall in love with it at your first glance.
Can you imagine this: you are diving under the blue sea. The magical sea creatures are all surround you. What a mystery and fancy experience it is!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hand-made Flowers for Special You

Do you want to make a pretty fabric flower bouquet for the one you loved? Do you want to decorate your home with your own hand? Here is a very specific tutorial of making fabric flowers.  


1. Craft needles
2. Fabric (100% cotton and tulle, cut into the shape of petals)       
3. Scissors    
4. Thread (She used a darker thread for the tutorial so you can easily see the stitches)
1: Sewing on the first petal.
Sew on second petal making sure to overlap neighboring petals.
Sew on third petal
By the fifth petal, the first row of petals should be approaching a full circle depending on how large of a flower is being made.

2: After the center row of petals is firmly attached, start adding petals to the outside. Place the newest petal on the backside of the flower where the previous row’s petals overlap. I find that the spiral-wise additions keep the flower round.

It’s ok to add extra petals wherever they look needed. Sometimes the flower will look lop-sided because certain petals are closer together than others.
To add dimension and fullness quickly, use two different fabrics in the same petal. Place them on top of each other and then fold the bottom, eyeball for placement, and sew into place.
Take one or two fabric circles and fold them in half and then in half again.
Then sew the final fold together making sure to incorporate each fabric. The stitches will end up on the underside, so it does not have to be beautiful.
3: Then with another circle, just place it inside the center of the flower, covering up the stitches. I kind of twist the center.

4: And then after many late nights of folding and sewing and gluing, end up with an entire army of beautiful fabric flowers.