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Friday, April 13, 2012

Be a Mermaid Bride under the Sea

Are you still a big fan of fairy tales? Do you still believe in the power of love and the existence of miracle? If you are a girl who loves travelling sea-island, have you ever dreamed of taking your wedding shootings under the sea?
photo by Seven Trees
In the crowd and noisy city, the indifference of people drives us to run away from all the things in the modern city. Under the big pressure of working and living, we are more desiring for the fancy of fairy tales and the purity of love. Freely swimming in the sea can dispel the unhappy thoughts and pressure from you.
photo by Permalink
The under-water weeding photos are so special. It is the new fashion trend of wedding shooting. Its way of shooting is unique. The style of under-sea shooting is so fascinating that make you fall in love with it at your first glance.
Can you imagine this: you are diving under the blue sea. The magical sea creatures are all surround you. What a mystery and fancy experience it is!

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