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Friday, April 27, 2012

Five steps to make the egg white skin

As the temperature is getting hotter, girls prefer light makeup. The light makeup not only can moderate your face, but also can let your skin breath freely and not easy to blur. But how to obtain the light makeup which can make your skin looks like the egg without its shell?

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Step 1: Invisible the skin pores.

If you want to have the skin just like white china, the pores are unacceptable. What’s more, visible pores will affect the whole makeup. Your skin will be unhealthy and you will look older.

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Step 2: Improving the color of your skin.

Improving the color your skin doesn’t means whiter is better. What we need to do is to make our skin looks healthy and improve the dim complexion of skin.

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Step 3: Control shine of your face.

Oil and shine of the skin is the common and big questions of skin. Skin needs to be cleaned and given enough water.

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Step 4: Perfect the complexion with concealer

The key point to obtain the egg white skin is to cover the complexions on the face.

Step 5: Keep the skin moistened for a long time.

No matter which season we are in, the moisture of skin can’t be ignored. Dried skin not only makes your skin looks lifeless, but also brings you amount of skin problems.

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