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Friday, June 1, 2012

White Dress, Endless Love

During the terminal illness of a mother, the last wish of her is to give her daughter a wedding dress which is made by her own hand……This is a moving story from the film called WEDDING DRESS. In the film, people can not only enjoy the touching story between the young mother and her daughter, but also can see lots of beautiful bridal gowns. 

I believe to majority women in the world, among the several most important times in life, wedding is the most special. In the movie, the dying single mother, a wedding dress designer, decided to make a wonderful unique bridal gown for her young daughter. The mother wants her daughter to wear the dress she made when her daughter grew up. That wedding dress is the best gift and wish for the daughter.

The meaning of wedding dress is not just a symbol of marriage. Further more, it represents good wishes for future and hope of life. When a piece of wedding dress has such meaning, it is not dress any more. Instead, a wedding dress, only belongs to you, becomes the passing of love, hope, and blesses.
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