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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let’s Party, Brides-to–be!

Celebrating the last a few days to be single ladies before the bride stepping into marriage is a great idea. If you ate a bride-to-be, or you have friend who is going to get married, planning a single party to memorize the single days and prepare to welcome the new life. Here are some tips for you.

Tip1. Place
Renting a nice venue or holding the party at home are both ok. You can depend on your financial status to choose where to hold the party. If you are going to rock the party and play loud music, it is better not to have the party at your house. This is because the noise will bother other people’s life.

Tip2. Dressing
There are no strict dressing requirements for the single party. You can wear what to want. Dresses can range from regular shirts and jeans to pajamas and evening dresses. Just make yourself confident and comfortable. If the party has a theme, guests should choose their clothes accordingly.

Tip3. Guests
Who should be invited to the party? This is the question that should be answered by the bride-to-be. If she wants some intimate girl bonding, then, only her closest friends should be there. The party planner should not fail to ask the bachelorette for a list of girls that she wants to be around. Make sure that you do not miss a friend that the bride wants present at the party. Someone might get upset for not getting invited.

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