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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things you should know before stepping into marriage (1)

Are you ready to step in the door of marriage? Marriage is holy and hopeful. But a ever lasting bond of marriage needs to take care of.

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In this post and the next following posts, I want to give some suggestions to all newlyweds. You may learn some tips which can improve the quality of your marriage, or solve some problems between you and your partner.
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Tip1 Communication
Talking to each other is very important. Communication is the bridge of you and your partner. Problems can be solved in time, if couples discus it in time. Therefore, fewer misunderstandings will exist in your bound of marriage.
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Tip2 Respect
When discussing something with your spouse, be respectful to your partner. You should consider your wife or husband’s feelings when you criticize her or his opinion.

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