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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Online Dating—Yes or No (2)

A good date can grow into a romantic relationship. Love can blossom into marriage. Though this blog is about fairy bride, I think the topic of online date is kind of related our girls.

Is the online dating a love or risk? In my last post, I can not give a sure answer. However, yesterday I discussed this question with some of my friends. In the end, we have a vote: 3 to 2. Most of us think online dating is more dangerous than love. (Of course, you can tell me what you think if you have the disagreement.)

One of my friends thinks that online date is ruining the feeling of romance. He said many gays meet online didn’t take the relationship. And he added that, even if someone was serious about the relationship, no one was going to trust him.

I partly agree his point of view. People can hide or fake their information online. This is really unsafe. So girls should aware that online date can be quite risky sometimes.
First you can't judge the people exactly that whether they are saying truth to you or not. Moreover, if you start trusting a person and then he or she is fake it will ultimately hurts you emotionally. Mostly people date online for fun to pass their free time.

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